Widely popularized by his effective teaching abilities, Jon has taught not just in Singapore but also other countries such as Australia and China. He is one of the best English tutors in Singapore who dedicate most of him time to teach English and IELTS test takers.

Jon is equipped with English resources for teachers that help him efficiently help candidates achieve their test goals. He offers classes for the Academic and General Training exams and has the ability to aid those who have serious difficulties in dealing with the Speaking and Writing sections. He possesses school resources and creates personalized lesson plans.

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Brain Food for Exams

How To Choose an English tutor

IELTS Listening Practest Test

Making IELTS Preparation Easier

Top 10 IELTS Speaking Test Tips

Vocabulary & Grammar Tips

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This file was originally uploaded to IELTS SAIS Slides
from Singapore All IELTS School


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