Lesson 316 – Mechanics – Capitalization

Capitalize titles preceding personal names, abbreviations of those titles used with proper names, initials, or titles when used alone in place of the name or person. Examples: Mr., Miss, Rev., Dr., W. C. Johanson, Captain
Instructions: Capitalize each word that needs a capital letter.
1. Have you met the rev. mr. ryan, mrs. hubbard, and dr. peterson?
2. This is supt. e. r. wing who was a captain during combat.
3. mr. and mrs. jones with miss smith will accompany you tomorrow.
4. Did you serve, colonel, in india?
5. I am to dine with cardinal corolucci tonight.
–For answers scroll down.

1. Rev. Mr. Ryan, Mrs. Hubbard, Dr. Peterson
2. Supt. E. R. Wing
3. Mr. and Mrs. Jones/Miss Smith
4. Colonel/India
5. Cardinal Corolucci

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from Daily Grammar Lessons Blog http://dailygrammarlessons.blogspot.com/2015/12/lesson-316-mechanics-capitalization.html


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